Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Book Fair

Aaliyah's love for books and for reading is growing each and everyday. And the opportunities just seem to sprout from every direction. Whether it is the reading homework from school, our recently established after-dinner storytime routine, regular visits to the local library, the reading buddies program or today's Scholastic book fair at her school, these opportunities are definitely giving her
reading confidence a big boost. 

As usual, I went to pick her up from her classroom. She saw me in the hallway from a distance and gave me a big smile. She said a quick hi Mom and then went straight past me to the library where the Scholastic book fair was being held. Last night, she had already picked out the book she wanted to buy from the catalog that she received from school. So, with a quick shopping streak like her Dad, she went straight to that book and was waiting for me at the cash register. I asked her if she wanted to look around further. She picked out a fancy butterfly top pen and was content with her new possessions. She said that it was the first book fair that she has ever been to. I thought about it and indeed it was her first book fair ever. 

I did not see very many parents at the fair. There were more kids than parents. I noticed that a lot of the older grade 5 and 6 students either had a wallet or little boxes full of change. I think it was their allowance that they earned for doing chores around the house and such. I wonder if something like that would work for Aaliyah.
I shared this with Mme. Hacker, Aaliyah's new class teacher, during our parent-teacher conference.  She thought that maybe when Aaliyah is a little older, the allowance ritual might work. At this time, she encouraged me to use everyday Math with her. Like setting up the table for 4 people, counting items at a grocery store, counting cars etc. Mme. Hacker was substituting in Mme. Ardanaz' absence. Due to some complications in her pregnancy, Mme. Ardanaz will not be back until after her Maternity leave. So, Mme. Hacker will be continuing as the new classroom teacher. 

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