Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day of Goodness

My day of goodness started when I offered to take Fran to her doctor's office. She was worried about parking and running to her doctor's office for 5 minutes and paying for a whole hour of parking. Maybe its a generation gap or maybe she is like a grandma figure to me. I didn't mind buying a ticket or driving her to the doctors office. When you are

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Printing Homework a Chore

Ayaan detests doing anything to do with a paper and pencil. Especially if it has to do with printing. Although the actual "home-work from school is just reading an easy story book in French each day but because his printing still needs some work, I give him my own home-work. My home work consists of printing some three letter words or doing a little bit of Grade 1 Math. For any other Grade one EFI student this would be a piece of cake. For Ayaan its a different story. He is more into playing with his gadgets or creating make-believe stuff but