Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy Daughter Day Out

It was probably the first time since Aaliyah and I went out on our own to a park without Ayaan. Other than the quick trips to the library or the grocery store, I always took both the kids out. Since it was a Chinese garden, I had a feeling that Ayaan would not enjoy or appreciate it as much as Aaliyah would. I also worried that Ayaan might find it difficult not to run around and or disturb the tranquility that is representative of a Chinese garden. So, we dropped Ayaan at his preschool and off we went on our Mommy daughter adventure. The spirit of adventure was so strong that we tried yet another first. Taking the

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Britannia Mine Museum

Went to the Britannia Mine Museum in Squamish. This mine is among the largest mines in the world. It used to be a copper mine until it shut down in 1974. Today, it is a national historic site and draws many visitors young and old. The highlight of the museum is the train tour inside the mine. Learning about how it all started and how the minig processes developed over the years was quite interesting. The tour also included a walk inside the actual mine building where all the seperation of the metal from the rock took place back in the days. Apart from the tour, panning for gold and other minerals was also a fun activity that the kids enjoyed doing. All in all a fun trip.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Puzzles on Trees

Now wouldn't that be nice if puzzles and other toys grew on trees. That is just my 4 year old's imagination. He enjoys working on puzzles and spends a long time finishing them. It is his little personal victory once he completes a puzzle. Getting him to break it and put it back in the box is quite a challenge. I recently bought him a new puzzle box with more pieces and a little