Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Party Time-Decorations and Snacks

Aaliyah's 6th Birthday party turned out pretty neat. Everything turned out as planned. My decoration, the food, the indoor-outdoor seating everything was just perfect.  The kids had a really good time and so did the grown ups. I am really pleased. The highlight of the party was the

Flower Pom Poms
decoration. Especially the flower pom poms. 
As soon as the kids entered the house, their faces just lit up. They were very fascinated by my tissue paper flower pom poms and just couldn't take their eyes off them. The pink and purple flowers gave the room a very festive look. They could have been a little more perfect but for my first attempt, they were just fine. The poms poms got the flowery effect I wanted in the room. I got the inspiration for the pom poms from a baby shower party I had attended a few years back. There are a ton of websites that have instructions on how to make these. I went on Martha Stewart's website. I just love her website. It is so full of creative ideas. 
Name Banner
For the name banner, I took card stock paper that I had bought from Michaels. I traced the letters from the store bought banner, cut out the letters and glued it onto the card stock. I then hole punched the top corners and strung a purple gross grain ribbon. Took me about 15-20 minutes to do it. 

 I made the cupcake stand from pizza boxes, 2 cups, an empty plastic butter container, some white paper, ribbon and my glue gun. I cut out three cardboard circles, covered them up with white card stock paper. For the base I took a butter container and covered it with pink paper. Then I took 2 green sturdy cups that I had left over from a previous party. It would have been better if they were transparent. Anyway, glued the cardboard circles onto the cups, one on top of the other and glued purple ribbon along the edges to cover the cardboard. Quick and easy project. My sister told me that they had these cupcake stands at Zellers for $4 dollars a piece. That would have been nice ones to have. But I did not go to Zellers and besides, home made stuff has its own charm. 
Rice Krispies Lollipops
The rice krispies lollipops were a big hit with the kids. Anything on a stick is just perfect for little hands. I was going to make regular squares then I thought of these. The marshmallows that I got from a Mediterranean store were yellow and pink so when I melted them in butter, it gave the paste a light red color. I added Rice krispies to this butter and melted marshmallows paste mixed it up. Aaliyah helped me make them into balls and stick them onto wooden skewers that I had cut in half. They turned out yummy. 

Cantaloupe, Grapes and Blueberries Platter

Strawberry, Bluberries and Kiwi Platter
Home Grown Cherries 

Spinach Pakoras

The snack table looked nice and pretty once I put the pink table cover. I made spinach pakoras with tamarind chutney. This got wiped out in no time. Then there was chips and salsa, veggies with sour cream dip, rice krispies lollipops, cupcakes and fruit. For the drinks we had chilled water, lemonade, Pepsi, Fanta and Sprite. 

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