Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kindergarten Picnic

Enjoying a snack with friends
Any day other than a traditional school day is so very welcomed by Aaliyah. Whether its the school's sports day, a super hero day or a pizza or hot dog day, they all get her excited. A field trip to King George Park was no different. Like most other special days, she got dressed all by herself and was waiting for me at the door. Her backpack was ready to go with a change of clothes, sunscreen, a hat and her bathing suit. She was ready to
have some fun in the sun.
The weather was perfect picnic weather. Mr. Sun decided to show up for a change. We decided to walk to school. Enjoyed the walk with her. Its just so ironic that now with the weather getting warm and sunny and walk-worthy, school is going to get over in about a week. Perhaps I should continue with the morning walks during the summer break, just for the fun of it.
Kids eating their snack
 I volunteered to be the parent helper because the park is so close to our house. The Strong Start program was also having their picnic on the same day around the same time, so I took Ayaan too. It worked out perfectly for me. Apart from the Strong Start families and the kindergartners, the first graders were also having their field trip at the park. So, the whole park was buzzing with Mitchell students.

I took some fruit to share. A lot of Moms also brought fruit to share so we ended up with a lot of fruit along with loads of other snacks. The children were simply delighted at the sight of this food overload.

The water park was open. So after finishing their snacks, the kids ran off to soak themselves in water and have fun in the water fountains.
Aaliyah decided to dry off and enjoy the swing at the same time. She went up the rope climbing structure, blew some bubbles, played with the chalks and then covered herself with chalk dust. She wanted to go in for a second round of water fun. I found her changing into her swimming costume after she was dressed and completely dry. A few of her friend who had not changed went into the water park for a second time and she wanted to go too. I'm glad I was there. I used my Mom power to make her change her mind. She was a little upset but soon got herself busy with her other friends.
Ayaan decided to walk in the mud puddle and get his pants muddy, blow bubbles, slide down on the slides and enjoy his snack. The kids didn't seem to have enough of the outdoor fun. They kept playing non stop. Around 2 pm the teachers started gathering them and take attendance. Once we had all the children, we walked back to the school.

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