Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ice Skating At Minoru

First steps
Went to the Minoru Skating Centre for the very first time. Little kids and big kids skated on ice like it was second nature to them. Of course there were some who were not as good as most of the others. For these group of people who are beginning to skate, there were some metal supports or rails for holding onto while skating. When I am over my fear of

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Rolled Sugar Cookies
Baking Christmas cookies for the class has become a fun, end of the year tradition. Last year we baked gingerbread and sugar cookies just enough for the class party, which was about 3 dozen cookies. This year we decided to give the cookies in a treat bag to each of the kids in her class. We ended up making 9 dozen sugar cookies with 4 cookies in each treat bag. Once we got the dough ready and refrigerated, we were on a roll!

We used the same recipe that I had from last year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Field Trip To Richmond Museum

Say Menorah!
Spent almost an entire day with kids K-2 at the Richmond Museum and Cultural Center for their class field trip. It was a wonderful experience. I felt like a kid and felt too old at the same time. I walked around like a kid looking at the displays, learning about the different religions, winter customs and going behind the scenes in the circulation area. The silly jokes and the innocent comments that the kids were making made me feel old. It was definitely a learning experience not just for the kids but for me as well.
These are the things I learned today: