Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pony Birthday Party

Aaliyah Riding on Pumpkin the pony
We were invited to a uniquely themed "Pony Birthday Party". Fayth goes for Pony lessons at this barn and the fact that the place also hosted birthday parties was well tapped into by her mom. It is a newer place and that is why it does not appear in Google searches as yet. I wonder what it's called. All the time I was there it never occurred to me to ask the ladies what the name of their barn was.  I am going to call it "Pumpkin's Barn". Pumpkin is the name of the pony that Fayth rides regularly. The weather was not the best one for a pony ride neither was the distance to the barn. Both of these factors did not deter us in any way.

The one thing that was turning out to be a deterrent was

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Owl Show-Richmond Nature Park

 Had to make the most of whatever sunshine comes our way. So, I took the kids out to the Richmond Nature Park for the "Owl Show". Normally we never had any trouble finding parking, even on their special event days. Today was different. It was unusually busy. There were a lot of