Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ice Skating At Minoru

First steps
Went to the Minoru Skating Centre for the very first time. Little kids and big kids skated on ice like it was second nature to them. Of course there were some who were not as good as most of the others. For these group of people who are beginning to skate, there were some metal supports or rails for holding onto while skating. When I am over my fear of
putting my feet on ice, I might need one of those.
Getting back on her feet
Aaliyah didn't take too long to declare that she was ready to go home. The minute she put her foot on ice, she almost slipped. I had to help her back onto her railing. She was tired of trying and got out of the skating rink. Thankfully, my friend Colleen offered to help. She skated with Aaliyah and was by her side as Aaliyah took her first steps on ice. Once Aaliyah got the idea of skating on ice and using the rails, she actually started enjoying it. There were a few falls which were quite expected. However, her attempt at standing back on her feet, was something I was taking pride in while watching her from a distance. Also, noteworthy, was the way everybody was helping each other. When anybody slipped, there was always a person to help that person get back on their feet.
One kindergartner from Aaliyah's school, helped Ayaan take his first steps on ice. Her name was Sonja. She was a confident skater and was able to skate without the rails. She skated with Ayaan and helped him skate from end to end. Ayaan got tired very soon and didn't want to skate anymore. So, Nasir, took Ayaan to watch an ice hockey game that was going on in an adjacent rink. I stayed with Aaliyah.
Aaliyah cannot wait to go back to the skating rink again. Her desire has made this first attempt at ice skating well worth it.

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