Sunday, March 3, 2013

Owl Show-Richmond Nature Park

 Had to make the most of whatever sunshine comes our way. So, I took the kids out to the Richmond Nature Park for the "Owl Show". Normally we never had any trouble finding parking, even on their special event days. Today was different. It was unusually busy. There were a lot of
families with little kids and nature lovers with their big cameras. It was indeed a day for some great photo opportunities and enjoy nature at the same time.
I did not expect to be sitting in the car waiting to find a parking spot. There were at least 8 cars ahead of us and the only way out was to move forward. Once inside the nature park, I didn't have the patience to wait in the car to find a parking spot. I had enough room to make a quick exit out of the park. I decided to park across the street in the farmers market. If Nasir was around, he would have dropped us at the park and taken care of the parking too. But, its all good. He is having fun in India while we are having our own kind of fun here. We walked from the farmers market and crossed a busy intersection. Ayaan had fun pressing the button for the walk sign. It was quite an experience for him. 

We saw the owls, fed the birds at the bird feeding station, walked around the park then sat down for a quick snack. I took some pictures as usual and then we were ready to head home. 

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