Sunday, April 28, 2013

Richmond Go Karts

The Richmond Go-Karts is a fun place for the entire family. It has about a mile long track and about 25 karts that go on the track at one time. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and apparently everybody chose the Richmond Go-Karts for their family outing. There were a lot of families with children and then there were the young teenagers eager to race their friends. We must have waited for about
an hour to get to the pit and into our karts. Even though the wait was long, the ride was so worth the wait.

I would never have thought of trying out this sport had it not been for a friend. It was her first time too and I thought it was worth a try. She and I reached at the track about the same time with our families. We got our helmets and then patiently waited for our turn. Ayaan was having  fun looking at the karts. He was probably thinking that he would be the one riding the karts. He still has quite some time to try out this sport. For now both him and his sister can enjoy it from the passenger side.

The ride wasn't bad at all. Aaliyah and I sat on a pink Go kart while the boys chose a yellow one. The first lap, I took it real slow and once I got to know all the turns I started racing and really riding like a pro. One time I was behind a really slow kart and then I overtook it only to find that it was Nasir and Ayaan's kart. Ayaan was very happy to see his Mommy and Aaliyah was happy that we beat the boys to the finish line.

I saw a lot of young kids as young as 8 years riding the karts. I thought to myself that if I had driven one such go-kart when I was a kid, I would have surprised my driving instructors on the first day itself. Go karting is a good practice in car driving, maintaining speed and following road rules. It is not the same but close. I totally recommend this to all new and wannabe drivers.

As for an old driver like me, I will definitely be going there again to explore this totally unique and exciting experience.

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