Friday, March 14, 2014

Stopping by Nature

On our way back from school, we decided to stop by the Richmond Nature Park. Clear blue skies, nice sunny weather and lots of time on hand prompted our unplanned and surprise visit to the park. Except a couple families and a few odd photographers, the park was pretty deserted. It usually comes to life during the weekends or on days when they have some show planned for
families. I remember going to their owl show and their reptile show.
There was a new feature added to the park since our last visit. A small children's play area with just two play structures. One was the rope spider web and the other was a huge tree stump. Both of which caught the kids fancy instantly. I was really pleased to see the kids having more fun on the stump and making the most of this inexpensive looking expensive piece of play equipment. Having leafed through various catalogs to decide on playground equipment for our school, I know for a fact that the tree stump is definitely more expensive than the spider web structure. Playing on this stump is unstructured play and both Aaliyah and Ayaan explored every nook and corner of this stump.
We would have stayed longer but Aaliyah had to go and she simply refused to use the public washroom. So, after a short but relaxing nature exploration, we headed back home.

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