Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day of Goodness

My day of goodness started when I offered to take Fran to her doctor's office. She was worried about parking and running to her doctor's office for 5 minutes and paying for a whole hour of parking. Maybe its a generation gap or maybe she is like a grandma figure to me. I didn't mind buying a ticket or driving her to the doctors office. When you are
doing something good, stuff like this is usually insignificant. So I drove her to the Doctor's office, bought a $3 dollar parking ticket and escorted her to the second floor where her Doctor's office was. On our way out, I handed my parking ticket to another lady who was trying to buy a parking ticket. The lady was very happy and very thankful.

In the evening, went to Superstore to buy Aaliyah her Halloween costume. I didn't want her to wear her Princess gown as it was pouring outside and I was afraid she would ruin her dress. Aaliyah was enjoying the alone time with Mommy and just the whole--getting out of the house in pouring rain and shopping--experience. She was happier when I let her buy two pants instead of one. She liked both the pants but didn't want me to overspend. Little did she know that Mommy was in a good mood today.

I run into one of our clients from the food bank. She was working as a cashier. When she was at the food bank, I had offered her a couple extra reusable bags because she liked them and wanted to use them as lunch bags. She was very thankful to have received two bags instead of one. It wasn't a big deal for me as I had a ton of those bags in stock.

She took the opportunity to return the favor. Normally, Superstore charges 5 cents for each plastic bag. I already had a reusable bag so didn't ask for one. Seeing that I had clothes as well as food items and only one reusable bag, she offered me a bag without charge. Free felt good. Goodness feels better.

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