Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making a Difference

I really feel like I have made a difference today. It feels good. It was my second time chairing the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting. Tonight's meeting was an important one because we were going to approve the budget for this year. The PAC approved nearly
$5000 dollars toward the purchase of a document projector,  i-pads and playground equipment. These are the things that our children will be using right away. All the fundraising that we did and are doing at the school along with the gaming funds, will be put to good use. I am very happy.

As far as the actual meeting, I still have to learn how to cut short important items needing discussion. For example, during the Principal's report, the parking lot situation was brought up. This item probably needed a meeting of its own. We had a very heated discussion. Everybody had some really good ideas that had the potential to positively impact the parking situation at the school. However, it threw the meeting and the time allotted for the agenda item totally out of line. This item coupled with the actual budget discussion and voting on each line item, took more time than I had allotted. The meeting was adjourned nearly half an hour beyond the expected time. Unlike my first meeting which went smoothly and on time, this was way different. I guess, depending on the items that are discussed, and the people who attend it, a meeting can vary quite a lot.

All of last year I only heard of the PAC and their annual meetings. Never attended because I  didn't have anybody to watch Ayaan. I wanted to be a part of the parent body. Wanted to get involved but somehow it never happened. This year, when I saw a poster about a PAC meeting with hand written "childminding provided" I couldn't ask for more. Those words not only got me in at the meeting, they also are very much responsible for my volunteering with the PAC today.

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