Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun with Words

Today, we had a good laugh thanks to Ayaan and his emerging quest for words. I thought I will make a note of it before I forget. So her it goes...
I was reading a book when Ayaan comes and makes himself cozy in my lap. Aaliyah finds comfort just sitting next to me and leaning on me. Then like always, Ayaan starts asking me to
read random words from the book out loud. I was enjoying my book and didn't quite like the interruption. Anyway, I reluctantly start saying the words out loud. This is called "the", that one is "tradition", that one says "anybody" so on and so forth until I get tired of saying all the words out. I start saying words that are not from the book. This one says my head, that one says your head. He thought that his Mommy was reading it from the book. I just love the ignorant innocence at this age. He didn't question me and continued with his word quest. Hmm.. what is this one he asked. I said that one says "Bob the builder" and immediately he took notice. He turned his head and gave me a puzzled look. Bob the builder? That is not right. Try again Mommy. I could fool my kid by saying words outside the book but I couldn't fool him with characters from his "bideos" (videos). At least he was smart enough to think that Bob the builder cannot surface in Mommy's non-fiction books. I just burst into a fit of laughter. Seeing Mommy laugh all of a sudden, the kids started laughing too. It was a laughter club at our house this lazy Sunday afternoon.

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