Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mommy Not Ready for Kindergarten

I finally got the Kindergarten registration form from the school office. I go there practically every other day, either to pick up or drop off some PAC related stuff, however, I simply dreaded picking up a Kindergarten registration form. I kept putting it off because deep down I am just not ready for it.

I am not ready to put my kid with kids who
are already writing their ABC's and their 123's and have even started reading.  I am not ready because I want to hold him back 1 year and have him start Kindergarten when he is 5 and a half. He is so skinny, he looks like a 3 yr. old. I am afraid that the other kids will just bully him down. I am not ready because I am totally unsure if he is going to fair well in French Immersion (FI). I am not ready because I cannot decide between French Immersion or Montessori. I feel that he might benefit from Montessori education more because, there he might not be challenged as much. He will be allowed to be himself and learn at his own pace. If I do decide on Montessori, am I ready for pick up and drop off duty at two different schools?

I have finally come to the realization, that whatever I am feeling, I am sure there are other parents who might be going through a similar dilemma. And the one simple answer for my dilemma is my lack of trust in my own ability as a parent, lack of trust in the teachers and lack of trust in my Son. I just have to start believing in myself, the teachers and my own child that together, we can make it happen. It might take a little more work, but surely, my Son will do just fine.

For now, I will just sing "Que sera sera"!

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