Friday, February 8, 2013

For the Love of Gadgets

He is crazy about gadgets. Anything that has a keypad or some sort of a dial and works, is a toy for him. I am not talking about the Leapfrog or the Fisher Price toys. It is the big people's toys that he is crazy about. For the past few days his latest fantasy has been an
MP3 player. It was on sale on craigslist and the post came with a picture of a really neat mp3 player. Ayaan was so hooked onto this post that he bookmarked it and had easy access to it at all times. Just looking at it gave his heart utmost joy. It was of course coupled with frequent requests of taking him to Shopper's drug mart. He has seen that they carry gadgets and now that store has become his gadget store. This kid has been low maintenance food and clothing wise. But, as he is getting older, I foresee him to be very high maintenance due to his love for all the tech stuff.

I missed the beginning of the crying part as I didn't expect it to last very long. The minute I realized that it's going to last longer, I slowly turned my iPhone on. Once I got the video going, I was  able to get a good 3 minutes of his crying. Nasir played along and with his help, I was able to capture Ayaan's pain of not finding his favorite webpage. I must have played the video umpteen number of times and each time I get a good laugh out of it.

On a serious note, I am not sure where his love for gadgets will take him. It might be funny now but it might not be a laughing matter anymore. I just wonder, if I should do anything different. My telling him that he can buy stuff when he becomes a big man is not enough for him. Maybe I should just limit his time on anything that has buttons and divert his attention onto other activities in and around the house. It is easier said than done, however, it is a good reminder to myself.

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