Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Top 10 Story Books

Any library that I go to is normally stocked up with tons of children's books. But, within those hundreds of books are hidden a few of my son's favorite. I say favorite because no matter which library I go to, he picks the same books over and over again. It is just amazing how he finds his familiar favorites from among the hundreds of books stacked throughout the children's section of the library. I have gotten tired of reading these books but every time I read them, Ayaan enjoys it with the same enthusiasm as if he is listening to it for the first time. They
say that repetition is good. It helps the kids with their early reading skills. To a certain extent I do see it in Ayaan. He is trying to "read" the books just by rote memory. Its just quite entertaining looking at him sit with a book and pretend that he is reading. Here is a list of books that Ayaan just loves to read and top the list of his favorites.

1. Pete the Cat-Eric Litwin
2. Born to Read-Judy Sierra
3. Mr. Pusskins a Love Story-Sam Lloyd
4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar-Eric Carle
5. Goodnight iPad-Ann Droyd
6. If All the Animals Came Inside-Eric Pinder
7. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie-Laura Numeroff
8. Not Inside This House-Kevin Lewis
9. No David-David Shannon
10. Tap Tap Bang Bang-Emma Garcia

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