Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy Daughter Day Out

It was probably the first time since Aaliyah and I went out on our own to a park without Ayaan. Other than the quick trips to the library or the grocery store, I always took both the kids out. Since it was a Chinese garden, I had a feeling that Ayaan would not enjoy or appreciate it as much as Aaliyah would. I also worried that Ayaan might find it difficult not to run around and or disturb the tranquility that is representative of a Chinese garden. So, we dropped Ayaan at his preschool and off we went on our Mommy daughter adventure. The spirit of adventure was so strong that we tried yet another first. Taking the
public transit all by ourselves. The first time we took the transit, I wasn't really paying attention on the how to part. I was all immersed in the "Wow" part. Looking at the people inside the sky train and looking at the city through the window was so fascinating that I did not pay any attention to details such as parking, buying tickets and or board ing and when to switching trains. All of that I had to do today with a lot of asking around.

We parked on the 5th level at the parking tower by the river rock casino. It was just amazing to see the number of cars that were parked on all the levels. Those many people use the transit parking every day. And it does not include the people who get dropped off at the station by their family members.

We needed to purchase a parking ticket. So we followed the signs which took us all the way to the first level. There was no other person around which was kind of strange. After coming back to the 3rd level where we had to board the Canada line, I saw a number of parking meters and the fare meters. I felt so stupid for going all the way to the first level. No wonder we were the only ones purchasing a ticket from that meter. Anyhow, we waited for a about a minute and then our train arrived. From then on it was a fun ride all the way to the last station. From here we had to get on another train and this time I read the signs as well as double checked with a security guy at an information desk. So, we finally reached at the station which was close to the Chinese garden.

Hummu met us on our way and then Nasir also came out of his Pharmacy to see us. They were both concerned and wanted to make sure that Aaliyah and I reached safely. I felt so loved and so very blessed. They both gave us directions and then all of us went in three different directions. Hummu back to her office, Nasir back to his Pharmacy and we went towards Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

With the Kidsworld membership, we did not have to pay at the gate, which was cool! We were just in time for the feeding of the Koi fish. Quite a ceremony to feed the fish. All the kids did seem intrigued by the fish that kept coming from different direction for the food.

We then took the guided tour, learned about the Ying and the Yang philosophy. We saw that philosophy throughout the garden. Black with white, square with round, smooth with rough, light with dark etc. Taking the tour was so well worth it. The last time we came to this garden with the Phuppus, we just wandered about on our own and back in December, the garden was not as well kept as it was in July. This time around, I got to see the garden in all its beauty and the information from the guide really helped in an enhanced appreciation of the garden and its significance.

Aaliyah painted a silk fan, tried her hand at some Caligraphy, made a paper craft and sipped some jasmine tea. We then left and had a Pizza lunch with Hummu. The train ride back home seemd quicker and very relaxing. We picked up Ayaan from his school, picked up some ice cream from dairy queen and then came back home. What a day!

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