Monday, July 8, 2013

Puzzles on Trees

Now wouldn't that be nice if puzzles and other toys grew on trees. That is just my 4 year old's imagination. He enjoys working on puzzles and spends a long time finishing them. It is his little personal victory once he completes a puzzle. Getting him to break it and put it back in the box is quite a challenge. I recently bought him a new puzzle box with more pieces and a little
more challenging than the one that he had already mastered. He finished it alright but forgot to clean up and put the pieces back in the box.
I saw his puzzle pieces scattered on the floor and was quite mad to see the mess. I said to him in a very angry voice. Do you think your new puzzle grew on trees? I was obviously not thinking right. I wanted to tell him that it costed money and that he needs to take better care of his toys. What came out of his mouth instantaneously was just hilarious. He said..."Sure, if you plant some puzzle seeds in the dirt and put some water in it, then it will grow into a big giant tree and we can get lots of puzzles." I couldn't argue with his imagination. I just asked him in a nice and soft tone to put the puzzle pieces back in the box.

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