Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dragon Boat Festival

I used to read about the dragon boat festival in the newspapers. I thought it was part of the Chinese culture mainly because of the dragon shaped long boats. If it was any other boat it would have been an ordinary boat race. I found out that it is not an ordinary festival but a
festival that is enjoyed by over a thousand people all over British Columbia. It is also good team building sport.
I took Aaliyah to cheer our team on. Unlike most other teams, our team was there just for the fun of it. Winning was for the serious paddlers, and considering the fact that we came in 55th out of the 60 teams, we were almost a winner.
Paddling in a uniform rhythm does take a lot of practice and strong muscles. Most of our team members were seniors. I was asked by many if I would participate next year. I am thinking of giving it a try. Only time will tell if I am ready for the committment.

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