Sunday, September 8, 2013

Playful Time at Playland

Playland at the Pacific National Exchange (PNE) is Vancouver's answer to Disneyland-just a little smaller. However, it is what it is and is packed with loads of fun for the kids and adults alike. Playland had over 40 different rides and attractions along with arcade games and other little games of chance like the ring toss, baloon shooting etc. Lots of different food vendors with regular fair kind food like poutine, french fries, gourmet burgers, donuts, carmel dipped apples, sugar candy, popcorn and the like. The weather was perfect. It did get a little cloudy but thankfully it didn't rain. With Hummu
joining us later during the day, the fun got even better.

I am so glad I purchased the Kidsworld membership for my kids through our PAC fundraiser. With the different events that we went to during the Summer, we already got our money's worth and this event was just a bonus event. Without the membership, this would have been a costly once in a year trip just like Disneyland. But thanks to Kidsworld, all we had to do was show our membership card and enjoy all the rides for free! Now that is a really cool deal!

We must have gone on about 13-15 different kid friendly rides. Some of them were too big for Ayaan's age so he had to stay back. But there were lots of different rides that were appropriate for his height and age level and he had a great time. Hopefully next year when he is a little taller, he can go on all the rides that he missed out on this year.

The kids got their popcorn, sugar candy and a big sipper of pop. I loved the sipper and $10.25 a piece with unlimited refills, it was so worth it. We must have refilled it about 6 times throughout the day. Another cool deal.

At the end of the day, we rounded off the trip by having dinner at our favorite Chinese-Indian restaurant-Chilli Pepper House. We ordered our regular chow-mein, chicken fried rice, sweet-sour chicken, beef broccoli and fish and chips. Loved the food and we ate till we could eat no more and there was still a lot leftover. Got it packed for Nasir's lunch the next day. Had our fortune cookies and then we decided to just sit outside the restaurant enjoy the evening sunset and chat. The kids had fun running around. Even with all the walking and running at Playland, they still had energy to play. Simply amazing!

A fun and playful day for my playful little kids.

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