Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mommy in a Dumpster

Just when I thought that I have done it all, life throws a surprise at me. Actually, it got me straight into the dump. Our car was broken into last Friday. Totally our fault as we forgot to lock the car. It is a fairly safe neighborhood, mostly residential and it wasn't the first time that we left the car unlocked. We now know better. The thief wiped out all the loose change that he could find, scattered all the papers from the glove box and took Nasir's Cricket kit. I was a little upset, felt robbed and was not the happy me when I went to work that morning. Nasir assured me that he will take care of everything the reporting and all and urged me not to worry. Well, it was hard not to worry. I was
thinking about the kit and wondered why anybody would do something like this and if only we would have been more diligent about locking our car. I managed to get through the day  and put all my worries and the thoughts behind me. I kept telling myself, it could have been worse. There was no damage to the car and everything was just as usual.

We found the kit on Sunday evening in our dumpster. The kit was the only valuable item that could easily get $100-$200 dollars if sold. The thief probably, never heard of the game so he threw all the contents of the kit...the helmet, the knee pads, the cricket bat and all into the dumpster. After cleaning up all day today, I asked Nasir to take the garbage out. That is one job that he does quite well. He came back rather quickly only to inform me that he found his kit in the dumpster. I was relieved to see him happy. He asked me for a broom and a step stool and went back to the dumpster. I went along with him to help him. He tried to dig through the garbage with the broomstick but it wasn't helping much. Two of our neighbours came with their garbage and saw us. One of them was kind enough and asked us if we everything was okay. We explained and she left leaving her sympathy behind. The second one just saw us, left his garbage by the side of the dumpster, shook his head and left without a word. He probably thought we were digging in for bottles and or food and were probably homeless. I didn't want any further embarrassment so I decided to jump into the dumpster. I was thankful that all the garbage was in sturdy bags and all the bags were holding quite well considering my weight. Stepping on real smelly garbage would not have been fun. I quickly dug out his cricket bag, the bat and all and handed it to him and then he helped me get out of the dumpster.

I came back home and took a shower. The whole dumpster diving experience almost felt like I won a war of some sort. It was life's little victory and it felt good.

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