Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Potluck at Strongstart

Ayaan and I were at the StrongStart play group program at Mitchell Elementary school. We had signed up for the holiday potluck. Usually, only the kids sit together and have a snack on a regular program day. Since today was a holiday potluck,
the parents got to join in the fun. There was a lot of food. We took veggie crisps. Other Moms got crackers, juice, cookies, cupcakes, fruits, veggies, chicken popcorn, pasta salad, spicy indian choley, rice pulao, cheese cubes etc. It was all yummy.
After free play and the music and dance activity, we moved on to the special activity for the day. The special activity today was baking chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies. The teacher started off by measuring the flour, the sugar, the oatmeal, the vanilla essence etc. The kids got to smell some of the ingredients too. And then they all helped in mixing the dough and forming it into a round cookie and placing it on the cookie sheet. The teacher then baked it. Each kid got to take home a cookie.

The strongstart program is available at different elementary schools throughout Richmond, BC. I am so glad that Mitchell Elementary is one of the host sites. It is the same school that Aaliyah goes to, and the StrongStart program room is right across Aaliyah's Kindergarten classroom. So it is really convenient for me to take Ayaan there. If you want to have some fun time with your kid, meet other Moms and watch your kid learn new songs etc. then Strongstart is a great option.

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