Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letter and Identity

The "Thinking of You Letter" for Aaliyah's Star of the Week Monday Activity was much appreciated by her teacher. When I went to pick up Aaliyah after school, the teacher came up to me and told me that she found the letter very sweet and touching. The letter was able to convey to her and her class that Aaliyah was born in America and that was the reason why she spoke so much about America. The family picture that she took has been posted on the class bulletin board. It was funny how two of her classmates saw me and proudly announced that they knew who I was. I asked them  and they replied "You are Aaliyah's Mom". That was a sweet confirmation.
I have gotten used to this new identity of being called "Aaliyah's Mom" a long time ago when Aaliyah was in preschool. It seemed odd at first. It was like I didn't have a name anymore. Well that was then. Now whenever I accompany Aaliyah, I introduce myself as "Aaliyah's Mom". Oh wait a minute. Now that Ayaan has started preschool, my other new identity is "Ayaan's Mom". I guess since my world revolves around these two amazing little children, it is but natural for me to take pride in my new identities.

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