Monday, December 12, 2011

Star of the Week

Aaliyah is the Star of the week- "l'e`toile de la semaine." As the star of the week she will have special privileges in the classroom such as being first in line ups, sitting in a special chair during circle time, choosing her favorite song to sing in the morning, helping the teacher ring the bell etc. She is pretty excited about it. She woke up early all by herself and dressed up quickly-things that are quite different from her ordinary daily routine. She wore a new T-shirt that she had chosen when we went to Bellingham, USA for shopping this past weekend. She felt special alright.She was cheerful and happy. Hope her day goes well. Her teacher will be reading the "Thinking of You" letter that I wrote yesterday. I can't wait for Aaliyah to get back from school so I can hear the star speak about her day.

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