Monday, February 20, 2012

100th Day of School

Aaliyah, my kindergartner, came home today and announced that her class will be celebrating it's 100th day of school tomorrow. I already knew about it from the monthly calendar that her teacher so diligently sends every month. The bulletin boards outside of every Kindergarten class also have art displays with the 100th day of school theme. Its a big thing at her school. I asked her with a blank face, what it meant. Why was it so special. She immediately replied that it
has been 100 days since the beginning of the school and it means that they are going to have a party tomorrow. I should have guessed. There is hardly anything that interests Aaliyah more than food. Aaliyah loves anything and everything food. A party at school sure got Aaliyah all excited. She wanted to do something special.

I started searching the internet about some fun 100th day of school activities that Aaliyah and I can do together at home. I came across this neat idea of making necklaces with 100 Cheerios. I had a jumbo box of Cheerios that we got from Costco so supplies wasn't an issue. It was time. We started with our first necklace. I strung a button first and then had Aaliyah group 10 groups of 10 cheerios each. She then strung the Cheerios on the satin ribbon taking her own sweet time. I didn't rush her because it was her activity. Once she was done I fastened the ends and tied it into a bow. Then we started with a necklace for her teacher. Halfway down the necklace she got distracted. Ayaan, her little brother started playing a game on the laptop and Aaliyah felt the urge to help him. She continued with the counting and grouping but the stringing part fell on me. I certainly wasn't going to string 100 cheerios for each of her 17 classmates. So I decided that I would do 10 each. At least that way we will be able to finish before bedtime and still make sure that each child gets a necklace. So, I did all 17 of them at the speed of lightning and we were done. Aaliyah was very pleased.

P.S. This morning, when I went to drop Aaliyah at her school, I handed over the necklaces to her teacher. She was so happy to see the necklaces. She said that even she was planning on making necklaces that afternoon, but with fruit loops. The more the merrier I said and left a happy Aaliyah and her super excited friends. I love childhood, where the little things in life make a kid super happy.

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