Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ayaan's Ayaanish

Ayaan Makin and Soundin' it Cute
Ayaan has started putting words and sentences together that actually make sense. Sometimes they are just phrases that he learns from the TV such as "yes we can" from Bob the Builder or "I'll fix it" from Handy Manny. He even copies his big sister a lot. If Aaliyah says "Mom Ayaan is bothering me" Ayaan has to mimic her by saying "Mom Aaliyah Aapi is bodering me." If Aaliyah says "Mom let's read a book" he brings his own favorite book and says the same thing. When this happens, I just take turns with them. Its good that he has a big sister to compete and copy. It helps to improve his vocabulary. There were times when I used to worry about
his speech especially because I had Aaliyah to compare him with. She had started talking when she was about 2 yrs old. But Aaliyah and Ayaan are different like night and day. Speech is just one of their many differences.  So, I kept brushing my worries away reminding myself that kids learn and grow at their own pace and that no two kids are the the same. Even identical twins are sometimes different in their temperament and manners. Ayaan has taken his time in expressing himself and I am thankful for whatever words and sentences he is coming up with.

There are few of his expressions that have made me suppress my laughter and/or pride on more than one occasion. Before these expressions get hazy with time I thought I will write them down. So here are some of those expressions that put a big smile on my face. This is Ayaan's English or shall I say "Ayaanish?"
  • I love you Mommy. You are the best Mom ever ever again
  • There that's good better
  • Me am Robot (repeats to himself several times while riding his trike)
  • No take a bath  (when I say lets go take a bath)
  • I go. My poop is on (when he had to go #2)
  • Its not working Mom (When I put him on the potty to do #1)
  • I had too much fun at school one day
This is just the beginning of Ayaan's Ayaanish. I'm sure there will be lots to follow.

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