Monday, February 13, 2012

Aaliyah's School Assembly

Early French Immersion Students K-4
Aaliyah had a Valentine's Day school assembly today at her elementary school. All the Early French Immersion (EFI) grades were going to perform a few french songs before the whole school. Aaliyah had been talking about this assembly all of last week as they were preparing for it. However, today on the day of her assembly she looked totally lost. She had been tired from Zeba's first birthday party last night. Moreover, I took her just before the assembly so she did not have time to practice with the rest of the class. It shows in the video. I felt bad for her because it seemed as though she was still in a sleeping mode. Choti Phuppu and Chote Phuppa though, were very excited to see Aaliyah sing. They love Aaliyah very much. Back in California, Aaliyah

was the only baby so she got all the love and attention from each and every family member. Since it was a short 5 day trip, I wanted them to see Aaliyah's school so that they will have an idea of what I'm talking about when they go back to California. I even took them to the Strongstart classroom where I take Ayaan for group play and story-time.
All in all it was a fine quick morning outing. Here is a video with Aaliyah and the rest of the French immersion students performing to "Bonjour le hiver." She is standing in the front row with  a red t-shirt and purple pants. Yes, she chose purple over the black pants that I took out for her. According to her, red and black were Christmas colors and it was not Christmas but Valentine's Day Assembly. The colors of Valentine's day are red, pink and purple. Point well noted!

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