Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Day of First 5 Years

Today marks the last day of Aaliyah's first 5 years. Each year, and each birthday, has been a wonderful experience.
So, what did the little princess do on her last day being 5? Lets see.
She woke up late as usual, and was watching TV with her little brother when cousin Zeba and Khala Mummy paid us a surprise visit. Khala Mummy then fixed breakfast for everybody. Scrambled eggs with toasted bread. Then it was playtime with Zeba. Once they left, Aaliyah played in the backyard with Ayaan. It was really nice to watch them ride their bikes, pluck dandelions for Mommy, make a pretend beach and get soaking wet while they were at it. Playing in the water has become one their favorite summertime activity.

In the evening, Afzal phuppu and family came down for iftar and dinner.  It was her birthday. Along with Afzal, today, also happens to be Zakir Bhaiya's birthday. Six years ago, when my gynecologist had given me the 22nd as my due date, everybody wanted me to be a day late so my little girl could have the same birthday as my brother in law and my sister in law. Aaliyah, however, took her own sweet time to come into this world. So, I was a day late but not from my due date. I was a day late from creating a record of sorts by having three birthdays in the family on the same day. Giving them a July birthday one day apart is the best I could do.

Six years have passed and it just seems like yesterday. The sequence of events that took place when Aaliyah was born is clearly etched in my memory. N and I went to St. Bernardine Medical Center, San Bernardino, California on the night of 22nd July, which was a Saturday. Choti Phuppu and Chote Phuppa also accompanied us and once they ensured that everything was under control, they left. I did not deliver until the early hours of Monday, July 24th, 2006. 5 am to be precise. 32 hours of labor led me to my darling little angel, my Aaliyah. What an unforgettable experience!

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