Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whistler Trip

Shannon Falls, Squamish BC
Had a great time going up North towards Whistler Mountains. We first took a break at Porteau Cove Marine park and then another stop over at Shannon Falls. I am so glad we stopped at Shannon Falls. The lush green trees, the milky white water falls, and the free flowing river made for some amazing sights that I will treasure for a long time to come. At least until we make it up there again. The drive was also very beautiful and the view of
the pacific ocean from our car was simply stunning.
Our first stop was at Porteau Cove Marine park. We had already driven for about an hour so we were half way towards Whistler mountains. We found ourselves a nice picnic table and had our lunch. We were joined here by my dear SIL and her family. The kids were very happy to see their cousin.
Porteau Cove Marine Park
Our next stop was at Shannon Falls. This is what I liked the best. I loved the sound of the flowing river and the feel of the hard rocks and cold water under my bare feet. I wanted to go high up the rocky river path, but N thought it was not a good idea. He had probably imagined all the hazards of walking across a river and wanted to prevent me from those imaginary hazards. Talk about lack of adventure. I dared him to step inside the water with me. He reluctantly obliged. I enjoyed myself for whatever little time that I was in the water. I will definitely be going up there again and when I do, I will explore the falls to my hearts content. Since this was just a stop over en route to Whistler mountains, we had to leave. I've heard a lot about the beauty of the Whistler Mountains and had to see it. 
Shannon Falls
The drive to Whistler mountains was very scenic. I am so glad I was not in the drivers seat. I would not have been able to enjoy the beautiful view. Once in Whistler, we stopped and parked our car and walked towards downtown Whistler. There was a concert going on in the downtown village square. Some kids were dancing to the tunes and Aaliyah joined them too. I am glad she did. It takes a little extra courage to dance in front of an audience. We saw a balloon artist making balloon shapes for little kids. Our kids stood patiently in line and finally when it was their turn, they got flowers and a sword. They were quite pleased with their colorful possessions. We then stopped over at a pizza place, filled out tummies and then decided to head home. I offered to drive, since it was almost getting dark and there was nothing much to enjoy in the dark. The drive wasn't that bad. I liked it.  
Whistler Mountains

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