Thursday, July 19, 2012

Metropolis at Metrotown

Went to Metropolis at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. A really huge mall with a lot of my favorite stores. Needless to say, my favorite stores these days are usually the stores that cater to the kids in my life. Children's Store, Old Navy, ToysRus and the like. What tops my list of favorites is a
Disney store and Metrotown has a Disney store too.  Apparently, it is the only Disney store in the entire province. This store was better than all the Disney stores that I had ever been to in California. Once you enter the store you are immediately transformed into the wonderful world of Disney. I felt like a kid myself.

My little 18mo niece however, did not feel the same magic that we all were feeling. She decided to step out of the store and take a trip of the mall all by herself. One minute she was in front of us hanging onto her toy key chain and the next minute she was gone. I quickly scanned the store and headed outside leaving Hummu to search further within the store. I spotted Zeba walking confidently along with the other shoppers. Ironically, not one person stopped by to see why a toddler was walking unattended. They probably thought that the Mom was somewhere nearby. What nobody knew, was that her Mom was close to a major meltdown filled with guilt and shock. I couldn't run back into the store to let Hummu know that I found Zeba or I would lose sight of Zeba. I shouted to let her know but I don't think she heard me. By the time I grabbed Zeba and went back into the store, Hummu was in tears. She was much relieved to see Zeba and hugged her tight for a long time.

To lighten things up, we took a train ride within the mall. I think it was a toonie per adult for a round trip. The kids had fun waving hands to all the passersby and just enjoying the ride. I made a mental note of the stores that we could go at our next trip.

An entire level is dedicated to the food court and almost all the major ethnic cuisines were represented. American, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Indian and Italian are just to name a few. We took some fries, egg chow mien and taco salad.

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