Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Day at the Park

After a few wet days, it was sunny and beautiful and as usual Aaliyah asked me if we can go out somewhere. Looking at the nice weather outside, I had to agree. We decided that we would go to the park. The nearest community park which is the Garden City Park, is a little far and across a very busy intersection. We normally drive to the park and I haul the bikes in the trunk. Today, I thought we should give walking a try. The kids wanted to ride their bikes instead. Bikes are a little harder to manage than holding two little hands but I was up for the challenge and off we went. The kids on their  bike and I on foot. Surprisingly, they did good at the intersection. I asked them to walk their bikes and they listened. We reached the park safe and sound. 
Ayaan's favorite pastime was at the water fountain and the artificial stream. He was a little disappointed to find it dry but quickly found his new interest in the rope structure and the slide. Aaliyah also joined him. They also spent some time on the swing. My best part was of course my pictures of a beautiful maple tree in all its Fall splendor. The kids found me taking random pictures of trees and the surrounding so they joined me. They were happy to pose for some pictures and play with leaves as well.

The ride and walk back home was much easier and the entire trip was definitely repeat worthy. 

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