Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Going to a pumpkin patch was always on my mental to-do list. That is where it stayed...on my mind. But when the kids got home a notice about a combined field trip to the Richmond Country Farms for kindergarten and grade 2, it was time to finally make my mental wish real.  The notice asked for
parent drivers and with both my kids needing a parent chaperon, I just had to volunteer. It was surely a very fun experience for all of us and I am so glad I was able to go with them.

We saw some farm animals at the petting zoo, then made our way to the hay ride wagon. Once aboard, our guide all dressed up in cowboy hat and gear, sang to our group. He sang to popular tunes that the kids and parents quickly caught on and sang along. On our way to the pumpkin patch there were scare crows and corn fields and pumpkin displays.

Ayaan and Zacharia picking a large pumpkin
I had to help Ayaan pick a small sized pumpkin that he could carry. I knew pretty soon it would me me carrying  it. I was also responsible for Ayaan's friend Zacharia as we were in the same team. So, I was actually carrying two pumpkins the whole time. Aaliyah was wise enough to pick a small pumpkin that she could carry. She figured out that I would not be able to help her with the lifting as my hands were already full. After the hayride, each of us got to pick an apple as a treat. I was very thankful for the apple as I had no time to eat or drink.

Keeping an eye on the kids and making sure that I do not lose them in the crowd of other school aged children was quite a challenge. I think if it were just my own two kids, I would not have stressed out so much. Being responsible for someone else's child, especially a 5 yr old boy on a filed trip with lots of other preschool aged children, is pretty challenging.

They had live music playing and the kids had fun dancing and shaking hands with the corn man and the pumpkin man. They had their snack and then went on to explore the hay stack.

The kids had the most fun throwing hay at each other in the hay stack. The teachers joined in on the fun and all the happy and smiling faces was a sight to behold.

We took lots of pictures and soon after, we headed back to school. All three kids safe and sound back in school. It was my personal victory for that day.

Mme. Billinger playing with the girls

Little man working

We did have some time before the end of school so some of the Moms and I went to grab some lunch at the Vietnamese Pho Place. It was a relaxing and filling lunch. A wonderful end to a hectic day!

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