Monday, October 7, 2013

No French at the Food Bank

Choosing the French Immersion program for Ayaan was a very difficult choice for me as I wasn't sure if he would learn anything at all. He struggles with printing his alphabet and numbers neatly and was never keen on learning any new languages. Aaliyah on the other hand, was a very easy candidate for French Immersion because she was reading, writing and speaking English before she started Kindergarten and she had also picked up basic Spanish and Hindi. But, I am quite surprised at the amount of French that Ayaan is picking up daily especially through his songs. He is not only learning the language but also insists on correct pronunciation. On our way to Aaliyah's Art class, Ayaan started to
talk about his school.
Ayaan: Do you know what Mommy?
Me: What?
Ayaan: Today I learned a new song at school for Thanksgiving
Me: That is great! Can you sing it for us?
Ayaan: Sure. Merci, merci, pour ma famille...

On and on he went. I remembered the song from 2 years ago when Aaliyah was in Kindergarten. I started singing along with him. Obviously, I wasn't getting the right pronunciation. So, both my children stopped me stating that was not how the song went. Ayaan said: "Mommy you need to go to a French school. You will not learn anything at the food bank"!
Another silent laughing out loud moment for this non francophone Mommy.

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