Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lois Lanes Bowling Field Trip

Kinderfun organized a field trip to the Lois Lanes bowling center located in West Richmond. Never drove to that part of town so it was a little bit of a sightseeing trip for me. The bowling alley was located in a quiet neighborhood within an awfully quiet shopping complex. Once inside the bowling center it was a fun cosmic bowling experience. The balls however, were adult sized balls. I wish the balls were smaller and lighter. They just did not have lighter kid sized balls. The one good thing that they
had was a metal stand or a ramp, where the kids could just push the ball from. The older kids had no problem lifting the ball. It was the kids like Ayaan who needed a little bit of help lifting the ball and placing it on the stand. Once Ayaan got the hang of it, he started enjoying it.  I liked how the other kids waited for their turn. Winning was not on anybody's mind. It was just getting a turn and hitting the pins. Ayaan started off by bowling in other people's lanes. He eventually stuck to his lane and his turn. Lately, he is getting quite infamous for his trouble making acts. When he was not bowling he was either running around or playing with the buttons on the monitor where you set the game, players etc. I had to keep a constant eye on him.  The other Mom's were relaxed, sat in one corner and did not need to supervise their children at all. Ayaan is probably the youngest in his group and due to this fact he needs more supervision than the others. Anyhow, it was a fun outing.

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