Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Pursuit of Happiness

I recently watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Aaliyah. I have watched this 2006 blockbuster movie before, but watching it with her gave the movie a whole new meaning. In the movie Will Smith and his real son portray a real life journey of a father and son, from rags to riches. After months of struggling and facing adversity with courage and determination, comes a moment of happiness. This moment of happiness, is a life changing moment for them and that is where the movie ends. What continues from there is their pursuit of happiness.
Now, happiness is
not just the absence of sorrow or the attainment of financial security. Certainly, money does make life comfortable however, true happiness comes from within. From appreciating the little things in life. The things that you do have, as opposed to the things that you don't have. If we are focusing too much on the things that we do have and are absolutely content with it, then we are not pursuing anymore. On the other hand, if we are totally concentrating on the things that we do not have, and constantly wanting more, then we are living an unsatisfied, unfulfilled life. Striking a balance between the have and the have not is therefore the key to real happiness.Watching the movie, made me thankful for what I do have.

For me, happiness is when my children are healthy, when they are well behaved at home and outside, when they are blowing bubbles and having a fun time, when I am reading their favorite book to them for the millionth time. It is when we are able to pay our bills on time, when I have a clean house, when I try cooking something new and it turns out great, when I add an old friend on Facebook, when I read an inspiring book or watch an interesting movie, when I complete a crafting or a sewing project and it is appreciated with a simple "thank you Mom-you're the best." Happiness is  when I get taken care of, if sick, when I wake up to the smell of freshly made tea, when I am able to fix a broken drawer, or any piece of furniture for that matter. Reviving a toy car by replacing the batteries, restoring the dignity of naked dolls by putting their dresses back, finding missing pieces of a puzzle or a game is also very exhilarating.

Being happy therefore, isn't that difficult. It comes from the simple things in life. It is just a moment in our life that we have to strive for each and every passing day. Of course, there are the other moments such as anger, frustration, guilt, sorrow, depression and all. Yet, with all these moments, it is the urge to break free from our daily grind in pursuit of happiness, that makes life worth living.

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