Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready Set Learn

Attended a Ready Set Learn event held at Tait Elementary school in Richmond. Wow! Was I impressed by the school? It was so modern looking and so inviting. Colorful murals and artwork by kids, inspiring quotations on the wall, state of the art computer lab, an open library and a sitting area under a canopy of colorful flags. In short a really neat school tucked away in the quietness of a beautiful residential neighborhood. One of the quotations that I really liked was "It is not who we think that holds us back, it is what we think we are not." Now this is profound. Indeed our mind is a very powerful entity which pretty much dictates who we are, what we do and who we become.
Moving onto the main highlight of the event-Will Stroet. The famous
Favorite plaything-train tracks
children's performing artist from Vancouver who tours elementary schools and other children's organizations throughout Canada, singing songs, playing his guitar, dancing and engaging both the children and the parents alike. He sings in English, French and Spanish which I personally think is quite impressive. A very down to earth, fun loving individual. I am saying this just by observing the way he carried himself and interacted with the kids.
Coloring with 2 markers
We had attended a similar event last year with Aaliyah and Ayaan. I remember Aaliyah had volunteered to go on stage and dance to one of his songs. Getting picked from at least a 100 little people with raised hands was pure luck. Aaliyah was not only lucky but also a good dancer for the other children to match their dance moves with. She did a pretty good job on stage in front of an audience of children, parents and teachers. Now that she is in Kindergarten-French Immersion, she is learning and singing Will Stroet's french songs in school and at home. His songs are easy to follow and remember.

After performing at Tait Elementary, Will was scheduled to perform at Mitchell Elementary at 1pm. I opted for this morning's session at Tait instead of Mitchell because of Ayaan's preschool at 12:30pm. I am glad I did it instead of going to the one in Mitchell and missing Ayaan's preschool. Ayaaan did not have to miss his school and I got to see a really nice school. I picked up a few informational flyers from the vendor tables and then headed home.

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