Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bean Bags

Made this bean bag with my little soon to be 6yr old helper. She just had her sports day at school and had fun playing with these. When I said I can help her make one, she got all excited. She helped me in assembling all the supplies.  Got her little chair and sat beside me through out the whole process. Bean bags are easy to make and can be made in different shapes and sizes. Bean bags can be used to play games like the bean bag toss, as a warm compress when warmed in the microwave for a minute or they can be used as a door stopper too. So, here is what I did to make my very
Finished Bean Bag

first bean bag. I took an old bed sheet, cut two rectangular pieces. Used my sewing machine to sew three sides up. Did it for bot the pieces so I had two pouches. Took the first pouch, turned it inside out and had Aaliyah fill it up with rice. Then I sewed the open end shut. I then took the other pouch and turned it  inside out. I put the almost finished bean bag into the second pouch and then sewed the open end up. This is just to ensure that the bean bag does not open up with all the tossing and playing. I made two of these cute bean bags. This was a spur of the moment, fun, quick and easy creative project with Aaliyah.

Materials for making bean bag

Sewing the bags shut

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