Monday, June 4, 2012

Losing the First Tooth

Oh the joy of losing the very first tooth! The much awaited moment finally arrived. My daughter's wiggly tooth finally gave up its roots. Yeah! When I saw her new tooth growing right behind her bottom
right tooth, I started to worry. I was worried because the wiggly tooth wasn't falling like it normally should. There was no room for the new tooth to come forward and grow. And if the old milk tooth didn't fall off anytime soon then the new tooth will come out crooked. Ideally, a tooth falls and a new tooth grows in its place. But, this was not an ideal situation. It must have been a common occurrence for a dentist but for me having a full grown permanent tooth appear right behind a milk tooth was a like a dental disaster. Thankfully, with her tooth falling, we were able to avoid it.

When her tooth fell, she was very happy. I was happier. It was celebration time. Because of her loose tooth, she wasn't eating right. She had been avoiding any hard or sticky stuff.  And even the food that she would eat, I am sure half of it went straight into the tummy as is. With the tooth gone, she said it felt funny. I gave her a Popsicle as promised. She was very thankful. She couldn't wait to show it off to her friends the next day. Most of her friends are already on their way toward losing their second or third tooth. I think Aaliyah was looking forward to the "show and tell" which is what kids love to do at her age.

To take her showing off up a notch, the tooth fairy decided to not only give her money but also a little gift in the form of a pink glittery nail polish. Her happiness was out of control. She didn't stop smiling that morning. And is eagerly waiting for her other teeth to fall.

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