Friday, June 1, 2012

Mommy Not Needed

I can do it!
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority were at Aaliyah's school today for their annual immunization clinic. Aaliyah was missing 3 shots and the consent forms were sent home last month. This was followed by a phone call from the public health nurse wanting to confirm the consent and cross check Aaliyah's immunization record with the one that she had on file. I asked her if they require a parent to be present on the immunization day. I was hoping she would
say yes. Instead, she comforted me by saying that the kids do pretty good at these clinics and parents are usually not present. I was a little apprehensive about the shots being given in a school setting. I have always been by her side for each and every shot or booster dose that she got from the day she was born. What if she yells and screams and cries in pain? Will they be able to comfort her? There was just no end to my fears and apprehensions. But, time and household responsibilities got my mind off those thoughts.

Today, Aaliyah came home running happily. I thought she was going to tell me that she lost her first tooth. It was very wiggly in the morning. It was not the tooth. The happiness was because of the shots that she received at school today. She was very proud of herself and the stickers that she got from the nurse. She said that she was very "brave" and that she only screamed a little just like her friend. So, being around friends was the trick here. You have to look good and act strong in front of them or else you risk being called a cry baby. No wonder   they do pretty good at the clinics without a parent. I was proud of Aaliyah and ever so thankful to the nurse who gave the shots. She was there for my precious darling with her kindness and tact. She must have been just doing her job. For this Mommy and for all the Mommies waiting anxiously at home, she was doing a huge favor. She was playing the role of a Nurse-Mommy.

I am thinking that getting shots without Mommy, could be just the beginning to an endless no-mommy events and happenings in her life. She will  be independent one day. She will not look back to see if I am watching her. She will not need me to put her to sleep or to hold her hand every now and then. She will not need me. But that is not until later. For now, she needs me as much as I need her. I am content with this mutual necessity.

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