Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Healthy Beginning

Granola Cereal with Yoghurt
Yesterday's walk to school in the morning, has gotten me off to a healthy mindset. With the weather being nice and sunny, I put Ayaan in the stroller, while Aaliyah walked. It was good exercise for both Aaliyah and myself. We both need any and every form
of physical activity. Buying the next size up in clothes, is just not the answer. Today, with Aaliyah going to the potty twice, and taking 15 precious morning minutes just to dress up, we couldn't repeat yesterday's walking to school attempt. However, I compensated by eating a healthy breakfast. I made myself a scrumptious bowl of granola cereal, strawberry and low fat yoghurt. Eating healthy felt
good. Yummy! If I do something healthy each day, such as walking, eating or dancing with Aaliyah and Ayaan then, getting back to my "pre-mommyhood" weight is hopefully possible. And I am stressing hopefully here to make it a wishful thought. I wish I lose a little weight for the clothes to fit me nicely and not seem as if they are ready to rip from the seams. Well, not all but a select few that I absolutely don't want to part with. If it weren't for the clothes, I wouldn't bother. I love myself just the way I am. I was never thin or skinny. I feel fabulous in my fat. This self love is what holds me back. I should start hating my flab in order to reach my healthy, lighter, fabulous self.

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