Monday, May 14, 2012

Skills Connect-A Bridge to Employment

Although its been over a year since we moved to Canada, yet I have hopelessly been unable to find a job. A gap of exactly 15 months in a resume. Wow! It can so easily be construed as a grave inability on my part to secure employment. Was I choosy all this while. Not in the least bit. In fact, I never got an interview call in all these months. I am so heart broken! Am I unskilled, incompetent or unworthy? Not really. If I am applying for one or two jobs every other month, how can I possibly expect an interview call. That is simply being irrationally, over confident and optimistic. I have therefore decided to
give my non existent job hunting an honest try. I went to an informational session at an agency called Back in Motion. They have a program called Skills connect for Immigrants. Through this program, they assist new immigrants like me, in seeking employment comparable to their previous employment in the country that they immigrated from. If they see a need, they will also assist you in enhancing your skills to find the right job suited for you. I am definitely not expecting them to present me with a job opportunity on a silver platter. All I am hoping is that I get the much needed motivation to continue with my job search in the right earnest. If the Skills Connect program can bridge the gap in my employment history, so be it.

Being a stay at home mom is definitely a full time job and those in this domestic profession will fully agree. There is no 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, in this profession. You work 24x7. Finding time to seek employment therefore, seems so daunting when the minute you start applying, you are interrupted by your children or the phone or something else for that matter. To top it off your mind is still filled with a million and one chores in and around the house. Chores that when attended to will bring instant gratification. Like if the dishes are all washed or the laundry is all done or the food all cooked. Instant happiness and peace of mind.
On the other hand, when I am applying for jobs, there is no immediate reward. Employers are not waiting to call me for an interview as soon as I apply for a position. It would be nice if they did. The only minute form of consolation is the fact that the more applications I put in, the increased chances of me getting an interview call and eventually a job. Somebody had once said that the best time to look for a job is when you have a job. Being a stay at home Mommy is like a 24X7 job. However, I don't get paid in dollars, so its not a job in the real sense. Finding a job when I don't have a job makes it a real challenge. And I am up for the challenge.

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