Monday, May 28, 2012

The When, Where, Why, Phase

Peekaboo-I can talk
Just when I was wondering as to why Ayaan wasn't talking as much as a 3 yr old normally would, he surprises me with a sudden outburst of words, complete sentences and the annoyingly funny when, where and why questions. Yesterday, Nasir was dressing him up to go to a family friend's house in Surrey and this is how the conversation went.

Dadda where are we going?
Dadda-to Surrey
Ayaan-Surrey, where Surrey?
Dadda-Where your friend Zainab lives
Ayaan-Zainab? Where Zainab?
Dadda-Zainab lives near Afzal Phuppu's house
Ayaan-Afzal phuppu's house OH! (a long oh! I got the idea kind of oh!)
Ayaan-After a pause. Where is Afzal Phuppu's house?
Dadda-In Surrey
Ayaan-In Surrey. Where Surrey.
And so it goes again. Dadda starts laughing.

I was in the kitchen getting the fruit platter ready for the family gathering. The Dad-Son conversation gave me a good laugh. Ah! the joys of parenting!

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