Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time for Prescription Glasses

I wonder how people react when they are informed of a serious debilitating or life threatening diseases like AIDS or Cancer. They probably feel the same way that I am feeling right now except that their emotional pain is perhaps far worse than what I am going through. We went for Aaliyah's eye exam today, and we were informed by the eye doctor that she has
Astigmatism in her right eye. She needs prescription glasses right away or it might get worse over time. New glasses yeah! We love new stuff. But glasses? Really? Glasses that she needs to wear all the time for the rest of her life. No!

Aaliyah is very excited on getting new glasses. She can have the frame of her choosing. No guesses here. It will be pink. A friend of hers at school wears glasses and so it is kind of "cool" for her to get similar stuff. She has done it right from the first day she started Kindergarten. Mommy, can I get shoes with laces? How come you never give me a hard boiled egg like my friend? Mommy I need you to braid my hair just like so and so. Same clothes, backpack, shoes, snack, hairdo, I can understand all that.Its that age. They are so impressionable at this age. Trying to fit in. As a Mommy, I try my best to cater to her polite requests whenever rational and possible.
But having glasses from a Mommy's point of view isn't cool at all. Its not like sun glasses that you wear to avoid the sun or just to look hip. These are prescription glasses that you wear all the time except at bed time or bath time. Simply put, its a hassle. Specially at her age. Now I have to remind her to wear them all the time. Remind her to be careful with it. Its just an extra piece of accessory that I have to put on my mental do not forget list.
I have glasses too. Not prescription glasses though. Since I had good vision insurance coverage from my employer, I went to the doctor for my eye exam. I had perfect vision but I was concerned about my frequent headaches. The Doctor prescribed glasses for my headaches due to long hours at my desk. Now that I am not working, I don't use the computer that much so the glasses are nicely tucked away in my drawer.  I do get them out every once in a while when I feel like it.
If only Aaliyah's eye problem would be something similar. Something small that she could correct and get it over with. Something that she could tuck away and never have to look back. That would have been nice. But coming back to reality, prescription glasses aren't that bad I guess. Hopefully with time, I will get used to this idea. And as for Aaliyah, hopefully she will be responsible enough to take care of her eyes and her new eye wear independently. Prescription glasses, bring it on!

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