Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Grade 1

First day of Grade 1 for my first born child. What an exciting time for both of us. I feel like a school kid and it feels like I am starting Grade 1 all over again. As a kid I remember a new school year meant getting new uniforms, shoes, socks, backpack, books, lunch boxes for each new school year. Although some of Aaliyah's stuff from last year is still good, yet Nasir insisted on
getting everything new. I am sure he had the same feelings about a new school year like mine and through Aaliyah we were trying to relive our childhood memories.
The real Grade 1 student couldn't sleep last night thinking about her school. She had all her stuff ready-her back pack, water bottle, shoes, clothes all set from last Thursday. You walk into her room and would find all her new stuff lined up at the foot of her bed just as she would ready her stuff on regular school nights. So finally, today was the day to put on all the new stuff and meet her friends.

I knew where the 1st grade classroom was so I took Aaliyah straight to that classroom. Her new class teacher Mme. Katrina Ardanaz was in the room and she greeted Aaliyah in French. Aaliyah kept mum. When the teacher asked in English if she is excited to be back, then Aaliyah decided to respond. She told her how she couldn't sleep last night. They connected well. Then the teacher informed us that all the Grade 1 French Immersion students will be in the multi-purpose room until Thursday and will be coming to her class on Friday. So we headed to the multi-purpose room.There Aaliyah met Mme. Dignan the school Librarian. She was in-charge for the next two days. All of Aaliyah's friends started coming in and were very happy to see each other. The hot topic on everybody's lips was about their new stuff. There was like a show and tell session going on. A couple of her friends looked taller. As a group they all looked older and Grade 1 ready.

Aaliyah's best friend looked taller and surprisingly calmer. She did not have her regular sassy attitude on. Aaliyah immediately went and sat next to her. Hmmm... old habits die hard. I just hope that Grade one does not end up as Kindergarten part 2. I want Aaliyah to learn only the good stuff from her class mates but I guess I am expecting too much.
As for myself, I just hope I make time to get more involved in her school and school activities. New school year and new resolutions.

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