Saturday, September 1, 2012

Exploring Science World

TELUS World of Science
There is Science all around us and what better way to acknowledge this than a visit to the TELUS World of Science. It is a wonderful place to explore our bodies, our environment and the science around us. It is also a place where we can exercise our minds with the various puzzles and brain game activity stations throughout the facility. All through the year they coordinate special exhibits. For this Summer, their special exhibit was based on the great artist Da Vinci's work. The artist behind the world famous painting-Monalisa.
So, to round off this year's Summer fun, we took the kids out to Science World in Vancouver. We took the
Skytrain to get there! Oh how I longed to take the kids on the sky train. Every time that they saw the Skytrain speeding above their heads, they wanted to ride too. I kept telling them that one day we will go in the Skytrain. That day finally came. Hummu and Zeba also came with us and it was all the more exciting.

Once at Science World, we headed straight to the galleries. Our first gallery was the BodyWorks Gallery. Aaliyah liked the human organ displays and I liked the internal organs jigsaw puzzle. Ayaan liked the jigsaw puzzle that involved putting the bones on the skeleton and once all the bones are in place it made a cracking sound and all the bones fell down for the next person to play with.

We then headed over to the Search gallery. Zeba and Ayaan were fascinated by the display which depicted how seeds get transferred through air. As soon as you insert the tulle covered seed into the wind tunnel, it spiraled up and out the tunnel. Then there was a huge display of a Dinosaur and a mouth that opened and closed by turning a wheel. A huge display on the parts of a flower was pretty interesting. It was reminiscent of all the botany lessons from years past.

The kidspace gallery had everything that kids normally have fun doing. It had a play structure with ropes, a running water table, a spacecraft, a boat, a ball track, wall maze and lots of foam blocks for the kids to build with. Best of all they had a face painting station too. Before going to Science world, Aaliyah had asked me if they would have face painting there. I told her that they probably will not have face painting as this is not a fair or an open house. I was pleasantly surprised to find this station. Aaliyah and Zeba were very happy with their body art.

My favorite gallery was the Eureka. Lots of hands on activities. Even Nasir started participating and helping out the kids. We spent a long time at the ball toss activity station. Ayaan liked watching his ball go up the wall maze and pop out from the top. He spent a long time at this activity station.
The CentreStage demonstrations explored various scientific phenomena and principles in a fun and interactive way. The kids sat through the entire demonstrations without getting bored. We had some popcorn,  nachos and cheese and cotton candy in between the demonstrations.

The DaVinci's gallery was the last one we went to. A tour guide was explaining about the paintings and the exhibits. Interesting information. We did not have time for the Our World gallery as it was already 6. So, we headed home. Yes, back in the Skytrain. We stopped over at one of the stations at Sinclair Centre to eat. The kids had a fish sandwich and fries from McDonalds while Hummu and I had a Subway sandwich. Then we headed home.

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