Sunday, September 9, 2012

If at first you fail...

...try, try and try again. For hours on end I had been trying to make my Singer sewing machine work but to no avail. Either due to a faulty threading technique or a missing spool cap, the machine would not sew right. The thread kept bunching up underneath the fabric. I was almost going to give up and was thinking of taking the machine to a Singer service center.  Then, after browsing through some sewing machine troubleshooting tips online, I tried one last time and I shouted with joy when it started sewing perfectly. The top and the bottom stitches were in line and there was no bunching up of the thread underneath. I made it work!

I had bought the sewing machine for $10 dollars from
a retired old lady who had posted it on craigslist. I was actually looking for a small table for my sewing and crafts and came across this post. A Singer sewing machine this cheap was hard to overlook. I was quite happy with my little Dressmaker Sewing machine but an upgrade to a Singer seemed like a good option. The lady did not have the manual but was kind enough to show me the threading technique. It seemed easy so I happily brought it home. Plugged it in and it was in working condition. Proud of my new possession, I put it away. The actual threading and sewing part did not happen until today.

After finishing up Zeba's dress on my trusted Dressmaker sewing machine, I thought of using the zig-zag stitch on the Singer machine. I am so comfortable with my light, portable Dressmaker machine that the thought of giving the heavier, complex looking Singer model a try seemed too daunting. So, for a month this heavier, complex looking machine has been sitting under my bed collecting dust. Finally, it was time to put it to use. And so started my struggle with a mighty machine.

Since the machine was missing a spool cap, I read online that you can order it online for just $3.99 dollars or a medicine cap with a hole inserted in the center would work too. I did not have any empty medicine bottle at my disposal but I did have an empty water bottle. I took bottle cap, made a hole in the center and inserted it over the spool holder and viola! It was an instant DIY spool cap. I then dusted off the bobbin area with a paint brush and threaded the needle exactly as pictured and explained in the sew-usa website. Finally, I was able to get perfect stitches with not thread bunching up underneath the fabric. Yeah! I shouted with joy and the kids were happy to see me happy. I had not smiled since the time I started working on making the sewing machine work. I smiled and I was happy that my persistence paid off.

So, if at first you do not succeed and fail, then you should keep trying until you succeed. And when you do succeed, the joy of accomplishment is a wonderful feeling.

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