Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Signatures Galore

Its the beginning of a new school year and the school has been sending out information, updates and notices for the upcoming school year. I had been putting the notices that need action, in my brain's to do list but today when Aaliyah got another stack of notices, it was high time I attended to it all. So, in just one day, I have signed a
consent form for short field trips around the school, photo consent form, internet/technology usage consent form, parent advisory committee PAC volunteer form, school supplies form, consent form for the school to report student information on a district wide database, signed up for e-mail correspondence with the class teacher and registered Aaliyah for the Boys and Girls club. Phew! And it is just the second week since the school started.   I am quite certain that today's signature marathon will probably continue for the rest of this month, however, it will slow down and stop eventually. While attending to all the paperwork might seem like a big chore, yet I am glad that the school is making every effort to keep us informed. At least I know what is going on in my child's school and I know what to expect.

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