Thursday, September 20, 2012

PAC Chair

I have been elected the new Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair for the year 2012-2013. It is a big achievement and an even bigger responsibility. The previous year's members were stepping down due to their personal commitments  and the school needed a new executive body. It was essential that the school had an executive body so they could apply for funding from the Provincial bodies. While I was ready for some executive role on the PAC, I never quite thought I would end up being the Chair.
I saw flyers for the PAC meeting posted all over the school bulletin boards. What hooked me in was the hand written note at the

bottom "child minding available." Immediately, I was game. All through last year, I couldn't attend a single PAC meeting because I had Ayaan with me. And this year they switched the meeting to evenings which worked out even better. As I was about to leave the house with the kids, Nasir returned back from his work and he said that he would take care of the kids. I was more than pleased.

In addition to filling up the executive committee, the PAC was looking for having a parent representative from each division, I loved the idea and attended the meeting to be that representative. I was also ready for a Secretary or a Treasurer's role as these were some roles that I have held in the past in different settings.Once the PAC meeting started it was a whole new scenario.

John who is also an ex-Chair, described the roles and responsibilities of the executive committee members. Then Pam made a call for nominations for the executive committee. The whole room was silent. It was quite awkward. Out of the 15 parents who attended, nobody wanted to Chair. I broke the silence and spoke up. I said that I would like to volunteer on the executive committee. I was asked, as what? I hesitated and completed my sentence by replying- as the Chair and in an instant Pam, the ex-Chair seconded it and everybody applauded.

Volunteering to be the Chair suddenly seemed a daunting task. One instant I thought I could do it and the very next instant I am not so sure. I feel like I have made one of those rare impulsive decisions that always leave me with self doubt. What was I thinking? But, the more I think about it, I am certain that I can do it. The leadership roles back in college will definitely come in handy. I have it in me somewhere. I just have to hone those hidden skills. I have to remind myself that leaders are not born they are made. And if I can do anything substantial for the parent and or children at Mitchell, it would make my life so much more meaningful.

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