Thursday, November 10, 2011

Better TV Watchers

My latest and greatest favorite show is Bade Acche Lagte Hain ( ). I just love this show on Sony channel. I started watching it when I was in India and was hooked right from the word go. This show is such a welcome change from the run of the mill Saas Bahu shows that abound Indian television. Its a story about a couple with extremely opposite personalities and how they end up marrying. Their married life is quite interesting I must say and can't wait till I bring myself up to speed with all the episodes on YouTube that I missed last month. I am addicted to it and honestly I feel I should put a tap on my addiction.

Now, I totally understand how hard it is for children not to watch their favorite cartoons/princess movies etc.  Whenever I realize that they have been watching TV for way too long, and despite my warning they would not budge,

I just turn the TV off in the midst of their wailing and crying. Oh I have been such a bad Mom. But my excuse is that its for their good. Too much TV can never be good for any kid or a Mommy for that matter. If my Mom was here and if she would turn the TV off when I'm watching Bade Acche Lagte Hain, it would ruin my entire day. I would be sad, mad and totally dejected.

So, my lesson from all this is that TV is addictive and it affects young or old alike. I should set a limit for myself and for my kids. I should let my kids know in advance how many shows they can watch and for how long. When they have a set limit, they will know what to expect. It might still be hard for my 3 yr old. There is no time concept in his system yet. For him 5 more minutes is the same as 5 more shows. My best defense for him is distraction. It works almost all the time. By setting limits for myself and my kids, hopefully, we will be better TV watchers.

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